F@!#Clinics have a long and well document history of using mind games, lying and deceiving women about their pregnancy options. They do this by:

  1. Using similar names to real women’s clinics and locating themselves in close proximity to real clinics to confuse people in need of services.

  2. Share incomplete or inaccurate (fake) medical information with their patients. This includes lying to women about risk of abortion, the effectiveness of birth control as well as lying to women about far they are a long in their pregnancy

  3. Dress up in doctor and nurse clothing even though they are not real doctors or nurses

  4. Buy ads on google so when you search pregnancy help, they are the first ones to pop up.

  5. Offer free ultrasounds and pregnancy test to bring people. Many times the staff don’t know how to interpret the results accurately.


Fake clinics do not offer any evidence based medical information and in fact actually count on lying as one of their tactics. Sometimes they offer diapers and other little tidbits to make it look like they are doing a public good, but we know diapers and pregnancy test are not worth women’s health.